More and more conflicting stories about nutrition and health are circulating. There is no longer a rope for a layman to tie. 
As a dietitian, I advise and guide you objectively in the field of nutrition in relation to your health and well-being. Because of this, you will be able to independently make healthy and tasty choices to achieve your goal and to retain the achieved results.

Dietitian provides nutritional and dietary advice to young and old through:

  • individual support in the form of office hours;
  • group counselling in the form of courses on, for example, losing weight and diabetes;
  • information meetings, guest lessons, lectures and seminars:
    • at schools to pupils / students and / or parents;
    • in companies;
    • at teams, selections, gyms, sports clubs and sports associations;
  • writing articles about nutrition in relation to health and well-being and nutrition in sports.