Who Is Shawn Timmons?

I chose to be a dietitian because of my interest in chemistry and biology. At that time I wasn’t in the kitchen yet, but the tricks of the kitchen were quickly taught to me.

In 1984 I graduated and in 1986 I moved from Son en Breugel in Brabant to Rotterdam, where I got a job at the Stichting Samenwerkende Rotterdamse Kruisverenigingen (SSRK). Thuiszorg Rotterdam was later created from the SSRK. Until January 2009 I worked as a dietician here. During these 23 years I have gained a lot of experience in guiding and advising young and old in the field of nutrition and health.

Challenging appeal

The great thing about being a dietitian is that you are an expert in a field that concerns everyone. Nutrition and health is an issue that is receiving increasing attention from the public.
It is also a subject on which many misunderstandings prevail. I think rectifying misunderstandings and transferring knowledge are the best aspects of my profession.

I like to do that to people individually during my office hours; I also like to guide and advise people in the form of courses or a single information meeting. One of my challenges is to explain the complex matter of the human body in such a way that everyone understands it.

In my opinion, we are on the eve of a period in which food technology is going to undergo stormy developments and there will be plenty of innovative foods on the shelves of supermarkets. This means that my profession is becoming even more interesting and challenging and that as a dietitian I will constantly keep my knowledge up to date and sharpen it up.